Kiel No. 5

Enjoy your weekend. And don’t forget to play.



Taken in San Diego, California (2010)


Pictures from Kiel

If there is one thing I have learned from the first ten months with my gallery, it’s the fact that people from Kiel love to see (and buy) pictures of Kiel. Challenge accepted! Here are the first three which I’m printing these days.

Lichthaus Kiel
Suedfriedhof Kiel

Midnight Dog Walk

When I was little the lady living next to us had a dog. One day she explained to me that when she walks the dog and letting him sniff around she is basically giving him the chance to read the news…

Took this in Bosnia-Herzegovina a couple of days ago. Too bad this trip is ending tomorrow. In the last three weeks I visited four countries I haven’t been to before. Ireland by myself, the Balkan ones with Steffi – good times! I’m well aware of the privilege of traveling and am definitely not taking it for granted, but extending freedom and time for traveling and roaming is something that’s always smoldering in my mind.

Midnight Dog Walk