New Design and New Portfolio

Finally this website got a new design and another -more selective- portfolio structure. I’m a bit late with writing this post…by now you might have already noticed that everything looks a bit different on here. If not, welcome! Feel free to go on a little tour. I’ll be posting a couple more projects to the portfolio soon.

Two new pictures
While putting together this new portfolio I dug out two pictures that I haven’t showed on the blog before. To bring this back in balance I’m posting them now. Here they are. The first one is a landscape from Iceland that you can find in the series “HURRY UP WE ARE DREAMING!”
The second one is a street photo from Havana. It found a home in the series “THE FORGOTTEN ISLAND.”

Wow, when I say “series” and call them by their titles…it does sound a little over important. Well, it’s not. I just really enjoy creating. I get unsatisfied when I consume for too long without creating and contributing something. So here we go:



Dunnottar Castle

I found this very impressive sight at the Scottish East Coast.
About the processing: I added a little bit of a pinhole camera effect to it. You don’t have to like it, I’m not even sure I like it myself – I can tell you in two days or so.

Here is another thing I’m not so sure about. You must have noticed that I widened the blog a little. Now images are shown 900 instead of 700 pixel wide. How about that? Is this good? If the blog appears a little too weird now, in a way that makes you think something is broken, you might have to reload the page entirely so the new stuff is not being mixed up with whatever is left in the cache of your browser. For me just hitting the reload button did the trick.

Hallway – Online store online again

Havana, 2010.

Online Store is back online

I moved a bit away from this e-commerce type online shop toward a slimmer template. The portfolio is somewhat more in the center of attention, but the option to purchase prints up to a medium size is still given. Feel free to have a look.

Rainy Sunday

Instagram anyone? I caught this one last Sunday with my cell phone and beautified it with one of the awesome filters that come with the app. If you like, you can find me right here. Here is an iTunes link to the app for the newbies among you.

Google Page Rank 5/10

A couple of days ago I noticed that the Google Page Rank for went up to 5/10. I think the last time I checked was more than a year ago and I remember it being 3/10. And this was stuck there for a long long time. I’m wondering if switching from to a self-hosted WordPress had any influence. I know that regularly adding new content helps. The main boost comes probably form other pages linking to here. At this point, thank you guys for doing so – I’m glad you are enjoying the blog!

Page Rank

Man Sitting in Doorway

Cuba, 2010

Website got hacked

Thanks everybody who sent me emails, Facebook & Twitter messages about issues with the website. My online store was using a popular script for re-sizing images. The script is called TimThumb and happens to be part of many WordPress themes. This means that probably thousands of blogs are currently vulnerable. I think the whole thing started just a couple of weeks ago when Mark Maunder detected a security issue with this script. Shortly after the issue got public, my site started to behave strange in several ways. It’s pretty weird when you suddenly have to fix things on your website even though nothing was officially touched. Anyway, I don’t wanna go more into detail. If you are generally interested in what is going on with the timThumb problem, you could start reading on

So now after resetting passwords, I simply deleted all scripts from my website and installed WordPress fresh from scratch. Even though the blog looks almost same old (and messy) as before, everything behind it is very much up to date and very clean.
The online store is not back to life yet and I won’t rush with it as I’m thinking of revamping it.

Happy New Everything!

Hello and happy new year! If you just got here and you are a bit confused, that’s totally fine.
Let me explain:

  • This photo blog got a major face lift
  • It has a new additional URL –
  • And it has also moved. I left and I’m now hosting it by myself using WordPress.

And now the biggest change:

  • My photography store is finally online!

You can reach it under I’m really exited that I can now finally offer you any of my photographs as fine art and canvas prints right after posting. I’m using as printing and eCommerce partner, which makes this all very convenient for you and me. At this point the shelves are still a bit empty, but I’m in the process of filling in many of my works. If you wish to keep updated about new additions to the store, you have the option to subscribe to the store newsletter. This is also a good option to get special offers right into your inbox. The form to sign up is on the store website.

I hope you like the changes.

Terra Monochromia 4 – and lots of changes

Lots of changes coming up!

In 2011 a lot of my energy will probably go into the experiment of becoming a pro traveler/photographer, or starving artist – however you wanna put it. Right now I’m in the middle of completely redoing this website and I’m excited about this. So here is a little heads-up. There is not really much to show you yet, but this is what I think it is going to be:

Switch to WordPress
Migrating from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress will give me lots of freedom to do new things. I’m also changing my webhost.

.com URL
A .com URL in addition to my German .de one.

Option to switch to German language
I’m not sure yet till what degree this will be feasible, but I will put more thoughts into it.

New design
A new elegant design that will hopefully please your eye.

Order almost any image as print
From my new blog, you will be able to buy high quality prints immediately after I posted a new image.

Well organized portfolios to browse
Re-organization of my portfolio..again with the option for you to buy my work.

Make buyers donate to good causes by buying my work
I’m looking for good causes matching the categories in the portfolio. For example, a certain amount would be donated to a New York related charity when you buy a fine-art print of New York City, etc.

More Facebook integration?
How do you feel about connecting the commenting function with Facebook? This way you would have the option to use your “Facebook identity” for posting comments.

Videographer wanted!

I’m looking for a skilled videographer who would be interested in creating a video/slide-show for a group of HDR photographers. The video will have little movie components introducing each photographer. Each one will also have an own high resolution slideshow-part with music. The job would be to put all this together and mix the music nicely.
Even though there is no pay for anybody, I think this is an exciting opportunity for a videographer to get lots of exposure. The video is going to show the work of some of the best known HDR photographers out there.

Sounds interesting? You can reach me on
or shoot me an email

The Northern Californian Coast

Made it to San Francisco last weekend and took this picture on the way back to San Diego. The coast in the northern part of California is much more dramatic compared to the southern one. I wish I could spend more time there and in San Francisco as well. This city seems to never lose its charm even when it’s raining like it did yesterday. More pictures will follow.
Oh, one note about the pink looking sky in this picture. This is not due to my bad taste, it in fact looked like this.

Another note: When you click on an image you will from now on see the image with a width of 1400 instead of 1000 pixels. Once I find the time to edit the design template, I will also increase the thumbnail image size to a width of 900 instead of 680 pixels. I believe this is appreciated, let me know if not. Once I start tinkering on the layout like this, it’s usually just a question of time until I do a complete makeover by switching to a new design.

“About me” Page & Burner Portrait II

You might have already noticed that my little website here was lacking of an “About” page. This has changed now. You find it right here.

Another portrait from Burning Man:
I met this guy inside an interesting three story Asian looking building.

Creating Something

The joy of being creative and outputting something. That’s what this page is all about – it’s my personal creative outlet.

I want to let you know that if you are creative and would like to use something from my website for your non commercial project, you can feel free to take it. My only request is that you link to this website as your source. I also added a little disclaimer to the top of the page.