In this Month’s Issue of PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazine

I have the honor to showcase some of my urban photos in the May issue of German photo magazine PHOTOGRAPHIE. I think the author did a fantastic job adding a little mix of anecdotes and photography tips to each picture. Might be a fun read. Only if you know German, of course.


“Photographers for Japan” extended!

It’s been a couple of days now and our fundraiser is indeed generating money for the people in Japan (you can find my initial post about it here). Most photographers who joined us decided to keep this going till the end of the month, so I will do the same. Here is what happened so far on my side:

What happened so far?

– Paulo ordered a large print and let it ship from California all the way to Brazil.
– John from Massachusetts got not only one from me, but also one from Steffi.
– Veronica from Kentucky got a print, too. She is also supporting the project with her photography services.
– My friend Fang ordered a whole stack of postcards that will be shipped to Shanghai. Awesome idea!

Now Can from Germany asked for a good way for him to participate. If you are in Europe, buying through my store here on this website is not that feasible. You would have to get stuff shipped all the way from California. In that case you could go through my page on This is a rather new account. If your image of choice is not on Artflakes, you can email me and I will add it for you.

Below are a couple more images you might like.

For German speaking visitors

So, dann will ich es auch mal auf Deutsch probieren: Mit der Spendenaktion “Photographers for Japan”, versuche ich zusammen mit einer Reihe anderer Fotografen Geld für das Rote Kreuz zu sammeln. Ich biete euch an, meinen vollen Erlös, den ich bis zum Ende dieses Monats durch den Verkauf von Bildern erhalte, abzugeben. Das Rote Kreuz existiert ebenfalls in Japan, deswegen kann man den Tsunami-Opfern sehr gut über diese Organisation helfen (siehe Aufruf des Bundespräsidenten). Eine Spende lässt sich ganz einfach online direkt beim DRK durchführen. Wer möchte, dem biete ich wie gesagt an, indirekt über mich zu spenden. Dafür bietet sich meine Seite auf an. Falls euer Wunschmotiv dort noch nicht vorhanden ist, könnt ihr mir gerne eine Mail schreiben. Ich stelle es dann umgehend für euch zum Kauf bereit. Nochmal in kurz: Alles was ich bis Ende März durch euch erhalte, geht nach Japan. Das ist der Deal.
Hier noch ein paar Anregungen:




New York City


“Photographers for Japan” Fundraiser

Steffi approached me with an idea today. She had an idea how we as photographers can do our part in raising money for the victims of the catastrophic events taking place in Japan right now. I know that several hundred people are visiting my blog every day, and I’m pretty sure that all of my visitors are aware of what is going on. Half a million people are without homes due to the tsunami and the possible thread of radioactive contamination.

This week I would like to take all money I receive through print sales and donate it to the Red Cross “Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami”.

How to donate

You automatically participate by purchasing any kind of print of any image you find in my store. If you don’t feel like purchasing a larger print, you can also buy a postcard for only $2.79. After your purchase, I will send you an email to let you know about the amount I received through your purchase. It would also be nice if I could mention you on here in a list of people that will hopefully grow over the week. If you feel like donating, but you are not interested in buying a picture, you can find the Red Cross directly via this link.

Looking for photographers to participate

If you are a photographer selling pictures it would be nice if you would join us in some way. You could send me a link to your website so I can mention you here as well.

Other donating photographers:

Stefanie Höpner
Veronica Sparrow
D. Travis North
Dave Wilson
Scott Wyden
Michael Criswell
Scott Frederick
Ehsan Abbasi
Michael Connell
Philip Cohen
Silvia Ganora

More Store Talk

Even though I want the store to grow and make everything available to you, I’m way too distracted these days to get everything in there. I wanted to let you know that in case you are looking to buy a particular image that is not available yet, you can always drop me a line and I will add the image to the store for you.

Micheal from New Jersey sent me this email a couple of days ago:

My fiance and I are big fans of your work.
Her birthday is coming up, and I’ve been trying to track down a print of ‘Sitting and Waiting’.
I can’t seem to find one (either on your new website store or elsewhere). Any chance there’s a place I could order a print?

I added the image immediately and by now, the print is already on its way to New Jersey thanks to super fast handling by Fotomoto.

A friend from Switzerland just had a request similar to Michael’s. Fotomoto ships worldwide, but it is not the best option yet, as everything is being printed in California. To keep the shipping costs low I can work out other ways to get you your print if you are located in Europe. You just need to get in touch with me.

Sitting and Waiting (store link)

Creative Commons

I hope you are aware that you are invited to use any of my photography for your own art projects. As long as your project is non-commercial I’m just asking you to add a link to This is a new section of my website where I introduce you to some awesome things other people did with my pictures. Let me know in case you have something to show as well – I will add your work to this page here.

Walantis Giosis from Germany developed a cool iPhone app for slide show creation. By default, the app comes with a couple of my pictures.

Seen Loh from Malaysia sings and composes songs.

The beautiful writings of Annie Q Syed. Annie is a New York based writer who wrote eight works inspired by my photographs. The series is known among her fans as Fluck Tuesdays.

Aidan Fritz is a writer from San Francisco.

Mona from Germany builds montages. She created this one named Showdown 2010.

Javi Peláez from Spain introduces music to his readers on his blog named La Aldea Irreductible.

4 Movies You Might Like If You Like Photography

I’m in the middle of writing an “About Me” section for this website. Because I really like cinema I thought of pointing you toward my favorite movies that fall into the photography/picturesque section. These four are the ones that immediately came to my mind. Don’t forget to hit the fullscreen buttons.

The Decisive Moment – Henri Cartier-Bresson

This little documentary shows images by French street photography pioneer Henri Cartier-Bresson. The interesting thing about this movie is that his images are accompanied by his voice.

Killer of Sheep

This one is an old and slow movie full of candid scenes that would make great photographs. If you find yourself often in museums starring at street photography from recently past times, you will enjoy this one a lot.


A documentary about the world we live in. Imagine the best travel photos you have ever seen and make them move. You might not be able to digest this movie in one session – it is quite intense.

The Band’s Visit

Okay, this one is a bit different. It does have some great imagery, but it is particularly funny. Check it out!

Photo Flow – iPhone App Review

I found something really neat for all you picture takers who use iPhones and iPods. Actually it wasn’t really hard to find it, as the author of the software asked me to use some of my images for an example slide show. So yes, I didn’t find the app, the app actually found me.

So I tried this today, and I must say I’m really hooked. From a user experience point-of-view this app is super smooth and lets you create cool slide shows in no time. At the same time, the degree of freedom given to you as a user is pretty high. You can edit the duration of each image by moving a slider and choose fading effects from a drop-down box. I wish more apps could be so straight forward and yet powerful.
Other things I liked (besides the fact that it is free) is the option to convert slide shows into video clips and the fact that I can send slide shows as email attachments straight out of the app.

For upcoming version it would be great to have an option to import images from online photo pages like Flickr, etc.

So far it’s my personal favorite for slide show creating. Two thumbs up!
You can find this app on iTunes right here.

New Flattr Numbers

Last month I got 135 Euros ($178) through Flattr.
Looking at those numbers I’m truly flattered, thank you guys! I’m still only having two Flattr buttons, but the overall number of clicks increased from 90 clicks in June to 175 clicks in July. Mostly through the New York series.
During the previous month Flattr-clicks accumulated to 33 Euros. The other day I read a post on the Financial Times blog about this new payment system and was very surprised to find my report mentioned there.

I would like to share some invite codes with you, but I’m out of them. So I guess you have to check back later..

Creative Commons

I really enjoy seeing you guys using my images and turn it into something new. This time I want to introduce you to someone from Malaysia who used one of the New York street pictures as a backdrop for a song. His name is Seen Loh and the song is called “Stay”. He contacted me on Facebook where he also uploaded his clip. You might need to log in to Facebook in order to listen to it.

If you are making any kind of artwork that incorporates my images it would be nice if you would contact me – maybe I post it here on the blog. You could shoot me an email or do it like Seen and hit me up on Facebook.