The Cadillac Ranch at Night

Pictures from day 5 of my trip when stopping in Amarillo, Texas:
I had no clue that the famous Cadillac Ranch is located hidden in the darkness on some field. I thought it would be well illuminated and easy to find. Turns out it’s a very offbeat attraction. I happened to know about this since childhood from the movie Skateboard Madness :-) So I was kind of eager to see it in real, got some directions from a nearby gas station, and without really looking for a thrill, I found myself in complete darkness. I saw some silhouettes against a remote highway, and only after walking over the field for a while it became clearer. So there was only me, the darkness, a dog barking somewhere, and ten cars sticking out of the ground. Can you imagine what a weird situation this was? Now the pictures look very colorful. In real it was just shades of gray. Thanks to two-minutes exposures with ISO 3200 all the colors came out.