Terra Monochromia 5

I managed to not post for a whole week. Main reason was all the overhead involved with leaving California and moving back to Germany. It’s too fresh to conclude my California year, but I can safely state that it has been very nice – I made some great friends. I’m staying in New York City now for one more week before I say bye bye to the USA.

Terra Monochromia 4 – and lots of changes

Lots of changes coming up!

In 2011 a lot of my energy will probably go into the experiment of becoming a pro traveler/photographer, or starving artist – however you wanna put it. Right now I’m in the middle of completely redoing this website and I’m excited about this. So here is a little heads-up. There is not really much to show you yet, but this is what I think it is going to be:

Switch to WordPress
Migrating from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress will give me lots of freedom to do new things. I’m also changing my webhost.

.com URL
A .com URL in addition to my German .de one.

Option to switch to German language
I’m not sure yet till what degree this will be feasible, but I will put more thoughts into it.

New design
A new elegant design that will hopefully please your eye.

Order almost any image as print
From my new blog, you will be able to buy high quality prints immediately after I posted a new image.

Well organized portfolios to browse
Re-organization of my portfolio..again with the option for you to buy my work.

Make buyers donate to good causes by buying my work
I’m looking for good causes matching the categories in the portfolio. For example, a certain amount would be donated to a New York related charity when you buy a fine-art print of New York City, etc.

More Facebook integration?
How do you feel about connecting the commenting function with Facebook? This way you would have the option to use your “Facebook identity” for posting comments.

Videographer wanted!

I’m looking for a skilled videographer who would be interested in creating a video/slide-show for a group of HDR photographers. The video will have little movie components introducing each photographer. Each one will also have an own high resolution slideshow-part with music. The job would be to put all this together and mix the music nicely.
Even though there is no pay for anybody, I think this is an exciting opportunity for a videographer to get lots of exposure. The video is going to show the work of some of the best known HDR photographers out there.

Sounds interesting? You can reach me on
or shoot me an email

Terra Monochromia 3

Baby sheep – or at least a hint of them. Not sure if this is a spring thing or if you can see this year around in Iceland. Probably just in spring, but then you can see them pretty much everywhere where you can find green grass. That’s also the time when you for sure get attacked by birds when stepping into their breeding territory, but that’s another story.

Terra Monochromia 1

This might be my new thing. Without HDR and turned into strong contrasty black & whites, many of my Iceland pictures start to look very exciting. At least to me. What do you think?