Season’s Greetings from Switzerland

I’m sorry I’m late with this. Was hiding in the mountains from a guy who came to my town. Was warned of him many times right before Christmas.



Another experiment. Trying to make a dark street scene come alive.


Taken in beautiful Switzerland.

Locarno, Switzerland

During every road trip I do with the talented Miss Hoepner, there comes the point where she is about to fall asleep shortly after arriving at a new place. And usually on such occasions I happen to be still eager to explore the night with my camera. That night in Locarno I photographed my way up this hill. Somewhere down there she's sleeping tightly right now or maybe about to send me a message to check if I'm alright.

Besides the fantastic landscapes, there are a couple of things about Switzerland that amazed me and I only recently learned:

– All residents have access to a bomb shelter. Most homes have their own.
– Main bridges, tunnels and roads are equipped with explosives.
– Switzerland has no capital city.
– The decision if you become a citizen is up to the people of the community you live in, and is based on how well you fit in.
– Swiss voters recently rejected the proposal of 10 additional days of paid legal holiday.
– You cannot enter the country with your car if you haven't paid the highway toll fee for one year.
– Oh, and there are palm trees in Switzerland.