San Francisco

Since a couple of weeks San Francisco has a German sister city. It’s the city of Kiel.

San Francisco

San Francisco Midnight Walk

Taken: 2012
Edited and posted: 2015

So what’s up with posting old pictures? I’m really sorry in case I confuse someone by giving the impression I’m constantly traveling around the world with my camera. I definitely don’t do that. I have mentioned that in the past and somehow always thought that this is common sense. I mean, who does that? There are several reasons why I let pictures age on my hard drive without touching them, not even looking at them carefully.

1. The treasure thing. To me it in fact feels like my photo archive is like some sort of treasure chest. One could say that digging in it is like a little escape from daily life. It’s a relaxing and stimulating thing to do on a Sunday night. Instead of doing something with all the pictures right after taking them – possibly to a point where it gets tiring – I keep them until I feel really motivated to do so. I do this in little bites and that’s the way I enjoy it.
2. Evolution. I like to believe that my taste evolves a little, which is why I wouldn’t want the 2012 Oliver spoil all the interesting finds with his bad taste. Maybe a weak example, but I listened to music by Darkside while editing this picture. The music you listen to affects your mood and your creations so much…back then I didn’t even know what Darkside was.
3. Keeping the blog interesting. I’m not even sure if my blog is interesting to anyone, but keeping a blog from hibernating for months makes sense to me.

So whoever feels jealous about all my “traveling”…I’m at home on my couch just as you are right now 😀

San Francisco Midnight Walk

The Rat Race – timelapse

Something a little different today. Instead of doing the usual thing of posting a single picture, I'm showing you around 5000 today. All squeezed into this clip.
I'm not sure how much you will like this style. All I know is I had a great time making it. Enjoy!

Coin Op Wash Dry

It must be all the HDR stuff I did in the past and still keep seeing by many others that make me create these non-HDRs showing some deep shadows.

Fun San Francisco Snaps

San Fran is always worth a little visit. I find it very cozy and at the same time refreshing. And you somehow always meet nice people there. Anyway, it was just a short stay – I'm in Hawaii now.

5th Anniversary!

Believe it or not, this blog is now five years old.

For those who like numbers

– 5 years.
– 780 posts (including this one).
– 1,954 comments from the most awesome people.
– An average of 13 posts per month.
– I guess this means that I write a new post every 2.3 days.
– Month with most posts: January 2009 (27 posts!)
– Months with least number of posts: August 2006, December 2006 and February 2007 – with only 6 posts each.

For those who like pictures

I was wondering how I could post something special as part of the celebrations. As you can probably imagine, I didn’t start photography at the point when I started blogging. So I want to take you all the way back to 2003 where it all started.

2003 – borrowing a point ‘n shoot from my roommate
That’s right. No interest in photography whatsoever till the point where I found myself in Princeton, New Jersey. Till that point I have never been to New York City, and suddenly I was able to go there pretty much any time I liked. Like everybody else I was very impressed by the city. Actually, I was very impressed by everything that came with the experience of living abroad. My roommate back then (who also took the picture of me below) was nice enough to let me take his tiny little Nikon to New York. As soon as I had this camera in my hands I was on a mission.

This was one of the very first pictures I brought home. This is the point where I thought “this is so cool!”

Shortly later I bought my own compact camera. That was a Canon A70 with 3.2 Megapixels. Interestingly, I was totally happy with the capabilities of that camera and completely fine in my little tiny-camera-world. I simply experimented with everything it offered to me.

2004 – trip to San Francisco
While roaming around in San Fran I more and more felt the urge for better equipment. It’s the way the city looks with all its hills and cool buildings. It somehow invites you to try different compositions and angles. After one year with a compact camera, I suddenly felt limited with it. I was about to make the step from “seeing something interesting and photographing it” to “seeing something usual and make it look interesting”. I often get mails from newbies asking me what equipment to buy. This always reminds me of 2004. My honest answer is: if you don’t know what to buy, you probably don’t really need anything. I suggest you upgrade your stuff when you are desperate for it. At that point you know what you need. Not sure if this counts for everybody, but it might. Most of 2004 I spent in Germany waiting to get accepted for a PhD program in Computer Science.

2005 – the big steps
In 2005 I made the big step and got a “real” camera – a Canon 20D. After some abstinence, I also made the big step back to the US for my PhD research. So here I was: same guy, same place, but bigger ambitions. The pictures below belong to the very first ones I took with that new camera.

At this point I can probably finish up this post. Pretty much everything that happened after you can find in this blog.
Thank you guys for stopping by from time to time! I’ll keep posting and hope to see you here again!

San Francisco Street Scene

I will be gone for 10 days and hopefully back with fresh photographs from Cuba after that. See you later!