Taken in San Diego, California (2010)


Surf Veteran

Saturday morning in Pacific Beach, San Diego.


Full moon photography in the neighborhood I used to live in.
Long time before moving there I used to read THRASHER Skateboard Magazine.


San Diego, 2010.
This April I’ll visit San Diego the first time after leaving it at the end of 2010. So much looking forward!

By the Sea

A picture from beautiful San Diego. I guess there is not much to add here. I’ll be in Paris next week…maybe that’s something interesting to say.

Going Nowhere Fast Today

Here is one advice: when going through your archives of pictures that are years old, better don’t do the mistake doing this on a Sunday night playing melancholic music. I sometimes manage to miss every place I have been to and every single person I’ve met. I debated with myself if I should write down more thoughts about that into this post and decided to spare you with the details – at least for now.