Exhibition Time

Steffi and I are hiding in a beach house in Denmark right now. I left most of my computer stuff at home, but took my oldest hard drive with me to go through some old pictures.
I came across these old snap shots from six years ago: hanging pictures with friends as preparation of a little exhibition I did at the Small World Cafe in Princeton. Fun fun fun! :)
Maybe a good chance to let you know that I’ll do another one soon. It will be titled “Midnight Walks” and start October 29. This time at the Artist Cafe Godot in Kiel, Germany. More details will follow.






Beetle Church

Princeton Nassau Street on a foggy night – on the way home from the Tango Festival.

41 People in Costumes

So yeah, this is the title of my photo show. I already made the announcement on Facebook and Twitter, so I should also do it here. Starting from October 7th, the Small World Coffee cafe on Witherspoon street in Princeton will be decorated with a selection of images that I captured on Halloween in New York from 2006 to 2008. The whole text is now online on the Small World website. You can find it right here.

I really liked hanging out at Small World a lot and always enjoyed the artwork there – I’m glad to participate.

New Series: Princeton Campus

OK, this is now going to sound a little like a moving sale.
I’ll put all my favorite images into several series soon, as I’m going to leave the Princeton area in a couple of weeks. Does that sentence make any sense at all? Yes, I wanted those series to be finished with the certainty that I won’t have more pictures to add over time.

My gallery (consisting of 16 series right now) does what in my understanding an amateur photography gallery does. It reflects on the photographers life and shows some sort of progression. For you, I just hope you like the colors and perspectives. For me, each image comes with a set of intense memories. Not necessarily of the subject itself, but I remember many many details from the day it was taken.

There will be a new New York series, as well as a Philadelphia series, and a black and white street series. Everything must go as I’m going, too. But for now, let’s put the Princeton campus pictures out there. If you followed my blog over the last year, you know them all, sorry for the boredom, but that’s all I got.

During almost all my 6 years here in the area I used to need a 20 minutes drive to reach the campus. I visited this place quite often and enjoyed walking around and taking pictures. Last spring I moved very close to the campus, and for some reason I stopped visiting it right at that point. Weird but anyway, here are the results:

My Photographic Evolution

If you are a strict chapel-goer, you might not be too much interested in evolution, but if you are, here is the missing link for 2009.

2005 shows what my early photography attempts looked like. In 2006 I was in the HDR-puberty which calmed down well throughout the following years.

2009 is my year of the fisheye, but the enthusiasm for using it outdoors is fading already. I also started to use tonemapping and HDR software less and less, and rather combine exposures by hand.






Students on Campus

After processing I tried to figure out the name of this building using the Princeton Campus Map, but I’m still not sure.

And yes, I start missing a lens with a rectangular wide-angle.