South Street Market

Having a hard time catching up with my blog while visiting New Jersey/Philly/New York. Steffi and I are all over the place and when not I’m either enjoying playing chess with my friend or with their doggy. I mean, fetch or whatever. Not chess. With the dog.
This one is from walking Philly one night. Taking off to Oregon tomorrow for road tripping down the coast – slowly approaching Burning Man.

Zion’s Red Church

Somewhere in Pennsylvania between Ashland and Central New Jersey.

I’m always amazed how different everything is just after driving two hours out of my regular range. I notice it on the people, their pace, the landscapes. This picture doesn’t really show this. Those experiences are hard to capture and too subjective anyway.

I just know that once I left the US and I’m back in Germany, I will be sorry that I didn’t explore this country more. I have seen a few corners, but I think a lot of beauty is hiding off the beaten paths and can only be seen after slowing down the pace.