They call it the city of love

Another one from Paris. The situation lasted a second or two and I somehow caught it…made me feel lucky.

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Returned from Paris yesterday. Now can someone please explain to me how France made it to the top of Yahoo’s “The World’s Rudest Nations for Travelers” list?
After reading this I was expecting the very worst. To my surprise I met nothing but very nice people. Okay, I didn’t drive a car there and I tried not to act like a (sorry) total idiot tourist. Walked lots of streets, asked for directions, sit in cafes, bought things..everybody was super friendly and helpful. Not fake friendly, just friendly. One night being stuck after learning that the Metro stops operating at 1 in the morning, I even got to share a long taxi ride with a local and didn’t even have to pay anything. That’s more than you could ask for. Good, there was this one pickpocket who unsuccessfully tried to trick me, but I don’t think such individuals should be counted to the group of rude average people.
Makes me wonder if you guys made different experiences as tourists in France.