Montmartre Stairs

As unoriginal it might be re-photographing famous subjects, after some red wine it seemed fun to me, so here we go.

La Defense

La Defense is a hyper modern office district. The other, less romantic but equally photogenic side of Paris.

iPad Photography

Never really got in touch with it, but for a split second I was reminded of large-format photography.

The lights that brought you here

As you might have guessed, this one is from Paris. I thought I would offer you a song to go with this one, but the embedded Youtube clip seemed to add annoying problems to the website. Maybe you are already listening to something nice anyway.

Night Cafe

From a nightly walk through Paris.
Tomorrow I'm flying to Scotland for a couple of days. I'm pretty psyched about that.

Le Corona

This one is from Paris. Hope you are having a nice weekend.