The High Brow Cat Bistro

Wishing you a happy new year! May it not be as dark as my latest photo 😉

I have a little off-topic request for you today:
Occasionally I kick around business ideas with friends. The current thing we are working on needs some evaluation. You can help us a lot by taking 2 minutes of your time and answering this short set of questions: http://bit.ly/Vxsbot
Much appreciated!

Fishing at Cape Kiwanda

On the road since three weeks now. It couldn't be any nicer. Traveling through Oregon is one big treat satisfying almost all of my photography appetite. Also my appetite for donuts, fudge, steak, fried fish, and what not. 😉
If you don’t hear from me this week, I’m in a remote Nevada desert together with 60,000 very crazy, very creative and very lovely people. One of them being Steffi. I can’t wait seeing how she perceives and captures all that.