10 Free iPad Wallpapers

Today is the 6th anniversary of this photo blog! Wow..time flies! If you are curious about the early days, I wrote a little about it in last year’s post.

I was wondering what I could prepare in the spirit of the celebrations, and came up with the idea of free iPads for all my readers!! Then I changed my mind and decided to give away free iPad wallpapers instead…how about that? :-)

Here they are. Optimized for the 3rd gen iPad we are looking at pictures from

– White Sands, New Mexico
– The Tall Grass Prairie, Oklahoma
– Blankenberge, Belgium
– Iceland – god knows where exactly that was..
– New York City (twice)
– Frankfurt, Germany
– And the last three are from Southern California

Somewhere in Oklahoma

This one I took during my trip from the East to the West Coast. Only four months after that trip I feel the urge to explore again. In less than two months I will be in Iceland.

Cross Country – Day 5 & 6

Better late than never, here is a little post about the past two days. I spent most of the fifth day in Oklahoma. I met real Oklahomans and got some advice on what to see there. The result is the picture below: the tall grass prairie. I enjoyed this a lot. Very large open space and not a single person anywhere. The only traces of civilization are roads (not many though) and fences. Here and there a barn and some cows, and that’s it. Not that I haven’t seen something like that before, but you can really drive there for hours and nothing changes. And that’s basically what I did.

Late at night between day 5 and 6 I reached Texas and stayed in Amarillo. Before checking in to some roadside motel, I visited the Cadillac Ranch. This is another story and worth another post.

Day six I spent driving through New Mexico up to Santa Fe. My idea was to spend a white Christmas there.

The tall grass prairie of Oklahoma. What looks like a very short arm is just me being German and bending my elbow exact 90 degrees while using the remote control.