The Rainy Day Drive-Bys

I cannot think of a better chance for undisturbed productivity than an 8h layover. Enough time for putting together a little new series of photos fresh from Norway. There is no processing in them except some brightness and contrast enhancement. The wet passenger window and my long exposure setting did the rest of the artistic work.

You can see them all on the portfolio page.

The Rainy Day Drive-Bys

Beautiful Tromsø

Steffi and I are hunting for aurora borealis up here in the north of Norway. Conditions seemed perfect when we started planning this trip a couple of weeks ago: lots of activity reported and clear skies almost all January and February. Now we get here at a time when the sky should be clearest and see nothing but overcast and lots and lots of rain. As unfortunate as it sounds, it’s still a very charming place to visit. We still have a couple of days, so not all hopes for seeing the lights have been given up yet.