2 Balls $1

Ahh….holidays. It’s the best time to go through some old street photography. There is a lot I have never put online. This one is from my fish-eye phase taken in May 2009. Gotta love matching colors.

2 Balls $1


“Almost three weeks without a post.” Usually you find posts that start like that on blogs that are a few months old and close to be abandoned because the author lost interest. At least that’s how I’m remembering it from the golden age of “web logs”. Kids, that was before social media killed personal websites. Now, this blog is almost ten years old (check the archive, it’s still all here) and won’t die just like that. In fact, the opposite is the case. Once you scroll past the photo below, you will find out why…



Here is what I did the last four weeks:
Under Construction

See this determined look? I was about half way through at that point. And last Thursday I opened my own gallery “NEO NOIR” in Kiel, Germany. Below are a couple pics Steffi and our amazing friend Anne took during the opening night. The girls were a huge help setting this all up and at this first night we had more beautiful people come and hang with us than I could possibly ask for. Now that this space has been created, more and more ideas for projects and exhibitions are arising. I’m happy to keep you posted about this journey. However, if you have a big interest in all the developments I recommend liking the gallery’s page on facebook. Oh, and of course the gallery has its own website: galerie-neonoir.de








Menacing Mannequin

For those of you who think it would be sometimes nice to have a little more text with an image: I have the honor to be featured with a little interview on photocircle.net. The post is called “Oliver Fluck – Creating a Stage…An Insight into the Street Photographer” which is -as so often- very flattering to me.
So if you feel a little tickle, you could swing over and read about my weird images there.

And in case you’ve have never heard of Photocircle, it’s a place where you can buy beautiful hand-selected photographs. The photos are taken all over the world. By buying one for your walls you support a social development project in or near the region the photo was taken in. It’s a good thing.

Menacing Mannequin