10 Free iPad Wallpapers

Today is the 6th anniversary of this photo blog! Wow..time flies! If you are curious about the early days, I wrote a little about it in last year’s post.

I was wondering what I could prepare in the spirit of the celebrations, and came up with the idea of free iPads for all my readers!! Then I changed my mind and decided to give away free iPad wallpapers instead…how about that? :-)

Here they are. Optimized for the 3rd gen iPad we are looking at pictures from

– White Sands, New Mexico
– The Tall Grass Prairie, Oklahoma
– Blankenberge, Belgium
– Iceland – god knows where exactly that was..
– New York City (twice)
– Frankfurt, Germany
– And the last three are from Southern California

Desert Plant

White Sands, New Mexico

These plants are interesting. As the dune moves and the surface gets higher, the plants grow quickly in order to stay on the surface and survive. However, as the dune moves on and the sand gets lower the plant gets too tall and unstable. It eventually collapses and dies. How sad is that?

In the Center

It often surprises me how easily you can move an object into the center of people’s interest. Simply by pointing a camera at it.

Taken in New Mexico.

Cross Country – Day 8

I hope you are having nice holidays!

I photographed this little fellow in Albuquerque where I spent Christmas Eve. You might not be a big fan of the festive, but when you are alone on the road the old town of Albuquerque might be the place to be. The whole place was decorated with hundreds and hundreds of brown paper bags with candles inside. Everybody was very much in the mood. People singing, enjoying, and drinking hot chocolate (it was cold). So yeah, I definitely prefer cheesiness over a shady motel room on such a night.