Exhibition Time

Steffi and I are hiding in a beach house in Denmark right now. I left most of my computer stuff at home, but took my oldest hard drive with me to go through some old pictures.
I came across these old snap shots from six years ago: hanging pictures with friends as preparation of a little exhibition I did at the Small World Cafe in Princeton. Fun fun fun! :)
Maybe a good chance to let you know that I’ll do another one soon. It will be titled “Midnight Walks” and start October 29. This time at the Artist Cafe Godot in Kiel, Germany. More details will follow.






In the Park after Dark

Geo Washington Bridge in the background. Of course it's not allowed to be there after dark. How sneaky of me.

In case you speak German and are curious to learn a little bit about my photography story, you can find something about it on the blog of photocircle.net. On photocirlce you have the chance to buy great photographic art and by doing that support social projects around the world. I’m following their activities since a while and I’m pretty amazed about how much they are getting done.


After yesterday's Diner, today we have a Deli.

Greetings from the Shore

A little attempt to create something with a vintage postcard look. At this point I’m still undecided if I succeeded or failed. However, I think it still looks somewhat interesting.
The photo is from the New Jersey Shore in 2009. This was right before a very heavy thunderstorm. I imagine the people left the beach in panic and simply forgot their umbrella. Besides the fact that the water is warmer in Jersey than in California, a reason to like the East Coast better are those sudden heavy storms and rains. The weather can be quite exciting there.

Right After the Rain

A thunderstorm like fireworks, including the AHHs and OHHHs of the bystanders.