Cantina Mexicana

Don't let the title fool ya, I took this in Groningen in the Netherlands. It's just what it says on the neon sign that's so nicely overexposed. And the reason for that is the fact that I quit HDR processing a long time ago.



Seen in Amsterdam.

Café Dancé

Groningen, Netherlands.

Noorderlicht Photography Festival

I just returned from the Noorderlich festival. Steffi took me there for my birthday and we enjoyed both, beautiful Groningen as well as the fantastic photo works. With the title “City Life in the Urban Age” it couldn’t meet my photography interests any better.

I want to show you my two favorite contributions. The first one is Xavier Comas’ series named “Tokyo Up, Down”. You can find these great photographs here.

The other thing I had the pleasure to lay my eyes on was a large selection of the works of Vivian Maier. Now if you follow me on Facebook or Google+ you probably already saw my posts about her. Here is a video about this amazing story.


A picture from last Sunday. Now that I’m back in Europe, I will of course enjoy photographing it. There are a bunch of things that give Amsterdam a unique look: the city is full of little canals, almost everything is built from bricks, and almost everybody is riding bicycles. How does such a cute place get to have such a big red light district? I don’t know. What I do know is that you should visit it at least once – Amsterdam, I mean. (shop link)