TV Appearance

This is me. It turned out pretty good, but to me it’s still the weirdest thing I’ve ever watched on television 😀 Enjoy!



“Almost three weeks without a post.” Usually you find posts that start like that on blogs that are a few months old and close to be abandoned because the author lost interest. At least that’s how I’m remembering it from the golden age of “web logs”. Kids, that was before social media killed personal websites. Now, this blog is almost ten years old (check the archive, it’s still all here) and won’t die just like that. In fact, the opposite is the case. Once you scroll past the photo below, you will find out why…



Here is what I did the last four weeks:
Under Construction

See this determined look? I was about half way through at that point. And last Thursday I opened my own gallery “NEO NOIR” in Kiel, Germany. Below are a couple pics Steffi and our amazing friend Anne took during the opening night. The girls were a huge help setting this all up and at this first night we had more beautiful people come and hang with us than I could possibly ask for. Now that this space has been created, more and more ideas for projects and exhibitions are arising. I’m happy to keep you posted about this journey. However, if you have a big interest in all the developments I recommend liking the gallery’s page on facebook. Oh, and of course the gallery has its own website:








Happy Mother Blog Anniversary Day

The photo blog you are currently visiting has its 7th birthday today. On each anniversary I try to come up with a post that's a little different from those regular posts that some of you find interesting, some of you inspiring and some of you just plain weird.

Well, since it's Mother's Day today, how about a photo of my mother and me? In my whole wide family (we are  5 generations of a wide spectrum of individuals) nobody is as driven to travel as she is. In fact, there has been so little interest that it was always very difficult for her to get going. However, she still did. She took all her courage, put me and my brother in her car, and started driving as far as all the way down to the south of France. Watching wild horses, bullfights, and eating hot dogs by the beach…it pretty much opened up whole worlds of new impressions to me. If you ever wonder where my appreciation for traveling comes from, it's this person.
Thank you mom!

Into the Void

One 'real' photo and some Instagram snaps from my 2-week road trip. I got this van from Escape Rentals – you might wanna have a look in case you are thinking of visiting New Zealand. I think they are great if you travel alone, and still okay for a couple. What I liked about them is that all of their vans are uniquely spray-painted with individual themes. I was happy to drive the Dali model, after they first tried to give me the Wurst model which -as you might guess- had sausages painted on in.

Burner Portrait XI

Just returned from Burning Man. This time I'm posing myself. Should be legitimate as I'm a burner myself after all. Steffi (who is now also a burner) took this picture.

At a crazy place like Black Rock City, it seemed nearly impossible to me to create any sort of attention by simply being dressed in a certain way. However, in a world where naked guys in tutus are a perfectly normal thing, a guy in a suit apparently becomes a head turner. I wasn't expecting this. Suddenly people followed me to talk to me or photograph me. By the time a hardcore looking burner stepped down his vehicle and kindly asked me to "slowly walk towards the camera" my Burning Man world was somewhat turned upside down. Shortly later I took this off, grabbed my camera and went back to business as 'usual'. More pictures will follow.

More Burner Portraits:

Kreuzberg I, II

After Berlin-Friedrichshain, now pictures from Kreuzberg. Also a pic of sweaty me trying to look cool.

In just a couple of weeks I'm starting my largest trip so far. If you happen to cross way with the guy in the picture somewhere around the world, feel free to say hi – I promise he'll be nice.

Keep eyes open in or at:
– US East Coast
– US West Coast
– Burning Man
– Hawaii
– New Zealand
– Australia
– Hong Kong
– Japan

5th Anniversary!

Believe it or not, this blog is now five years old.

For those who like numbers

– 5 years.
– 780 posts (including this one).
– 1,954 comments from the most awesome people.
– An average of 13 posts per month.
– I guess this means that I write a new post every 2.3 days.
– Month with most posts: January 2009 (27 posts!)
– Months with least number of posts: August 2006, December 2006 and February 2007 – with only 6 posts each.

For those who like pictures

I was wondering how I could post something special as part of the celebrations. As you can probably imagine, I didn’t start photography at the point when I started blogging. So I want to take you all the way back to 2003 where it all started.

2003 – borrowing a point ‘n shoot from my roommate
That’s right. No interest in photography whatsoever till the point where I found myself in Princeton, New Jersey. Till that point I have never been to New York City, and suddenly I was able to go there pretty much any time I liked. Like everybody else I was very impressed by the city. Actually, I was very impressed by everything that came with the experience of living abroad. My roommate back then (who also took the picture of me below) was nice enough to let me take his tiny little Nikon to New York. As soon as I had this camera in my hands I was on a mission.

This was one of the very first pictures I brought home. This is the point where I thought “this is so cool!”

Shortly later I bought my own compact camera. That was a Canon A70 with 3.2 Megapixels. Interestingly, I was totally happy with the capabilities of that camera and completely fine in my little tiny-camera-world. I simply experimented with everything it offered to me.

2004 – trip to San Francisco
While roaming around in San Fran I more and more felt the urge for better equipment. It’s the way the city looks with all its hills and cool buildings. It somehow invites you to try different compositions and angles. After one year with a compact camera, I suddenly felt limited with it. I was about to make the step from “seeing something interesting and photographing it” to “seeing something usual and make it look interesting”. I often get mails from newbies asking me what equipment to buy. This always reminds me of 2004. My honest answer is: if you don’t know what to buy, you probably don’t really need anything. I suggest you upgrade your stuff when you are desperate for it. At that point you know what you need. Not sure if this counts for everybody, but it might. Most of 2004 I spent in Germany waiting to get accepted for a PhD program in Computer Science.

2005 – the big steps
In 2005 I made the big step and got a “real” camera – a Canon 20D. After some abstinence, I also made the big step back to the US for my PhD research. So here I was: same guy, same place, but bigger ambitions. The pictures below belong to the very first ones I took with that new camera.

At this point I can probably finish up this post. Pretty much everything that happened after you can find in this blog.
Thank you guys for stopping by from time to time! I’ll keep posting and hope to see you here again!

Burning Man Self Portrait

A whole afternoon I dedicated to photographing things inside dust storms. The density of the dust kept changing continuously, which made it very interesting and fun. However, the dust is known for its high pH level, which is also interesting, but wasn’t so much fun for my eyes and equipment.
This one is a reflection on an extra terrestrial looking sculpture.