Venice Beach Sunset

I know it’s not comparable, but being in Venice Beach last Saturday and taking this picture reminded me that I’ll be at Burning Man very soon.


I wanted to share this with you since a while: people on twitter that do photography with toy cameras.

Drop me a line if you are missing on the list.

@shoepner just had some interesting Holga accidents: link

@deedeephotog has a colorful selection of plastic camera shots: link

And so does @fallenposters: link

@markolwick takes beautiful black and white images: link

@jaredadunn shows pictures of a blonde lady: link

@JonCart does toy camera street photography: link

You have to click on galleries to find @jimslobodian‘s toy cam section: link

@dj_ir0ngruve uses a holga lens on a nikon :-) link

If you haven’t seen enough yet, here is another one from Venice Beach:

Making Music

A Venice Beach portrait.

I got lots of good Holga shots back from the store, basically one roll of black and white, and one roll of color film. This is one is the first color picture. There are also more Lensbaby results on my hard disk from last Sunday. I’m not sure what it is, the imperfect optics of these toys that make photographing so easy going, or simply the fun of using something new..I might keep posting daily now for a while.


Seen in Hollywood.

Website beautification is almost done. Now all I need is new pictures that I actually like. This is pretty much the only one from yesterday’s LA trip that’s worth mentioning. In Venice Beach I also took some toy-camera photos with a color film, but I need to wait for the photo store to open, then hand in the film, then get the results, and then I will see if they are worth another mention at all..