– Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’m opening a photo show named “Desert Utopia” in my gallery NEO NOIR in Kiel this Friday, June 23.
– Yeah you are invited! Everybody is invited! Everybody will be there – there will be 20 people there!
– What are you saying? That’s bad timing because it’s in the middle of the Kiel Week, the world’s biggest sailing event?
– And that’s every year in Kiel?
– About sailing, huh? …wow.
– Well, how about a picture of a frickin sailing boat in the desert for a change?
– 7 pm.


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Kiel No. 7

This is a hand held shot from a little camera test ride through Kiel. Since quite a while I’ve been looking for a small, lightweight, and weather sealed camera that performs well in the high ISO department. The idea is to have a little companion to take night images anywhere without carrying a tripod and heavy lenses. Since more than 8 years I used the Canon 5D Mark II and since the last couple months I used Steffi’s 5D Mark IV. That makes almost a decade of full-frame bliss and a good workout every time I go on a nightly city exploration. I never thought I would go back to a smaller APS-C sized sensor until I noticed what the Fujifilm X Pro 2 is capable of. I might write a larger and nerdier comparison post later. For now I’ll cut a long story short by saying that I can take these kinds of photos now with a camera I barely notice when it’s on me. I don’t know, maybe that’s a useful hint for those of you who do similar stuff and are still carrying big camera bags around.

Kiel No. 7

Kiel No. 5

Enjoy your weekend. And don’t forget to play.


Pictures from Kiel

If there is one thing I have learned from the first ten months with my gallery, it’s the fact that people from Kiel love to see (and buy) pictures of Kiel. Challenge accepted! Here are the first three which I’m printing these days.

Lichthaus Kiel
Suedfriedhof Kiel