When I have visitors in my Gallery I hear them dropping the H-word quite often. Out of awe I don’t even dare speaking out the name, but people keep doing it as if Mr. Hopper was a dude next door. Somehow my photographs seem to remind people of his works. This is as flattering as it is confusing. Yes, I often show lonely people in urban settings, but visually it’s a completely different story. In fact I’ve heard the name so many times…his pictures are stuck in my mind like a catchy song now. Last Tuesday I took this lucky shot in Italy and I decided to go down the Hopper road a little, this time intentionally. I greatly enjoyed the whole process – maybe you like it, too.



Some of you might know this person down there shooting away with her phone.


Il Gazzettino

This is a picture from Venice taken on a sunny April day. As you can see on his short shadow, it was taken around noon.

Laundry Day

Believe it or not, I also did some laundry today.


If you want to experience what it's like to be compulsive, I suggest you make a trip to Cinque Terre, Italy. Bring a camera, but tell yourself not to take any pictures. Then see what happens.
Because this place is so pretty, I was about to post my most un-processed picture ever. My problem with this is that it would be one of a million out there. There are tons and tons of them. They are all super nice, but they are also all the same. So I said 'fluck it' and turned it into a painting. I know know, but I think in some special cases you are allowed to do something like that.