2015 Calendars by photocircle.net

This post is a little heads up letting you know that the world is ending. I mean the year…the year is ending. And what is it we all need to feel prepared for the new year? Right, calendars – beautiful calendars. Photocircle.net happens to sell beautiful ones. In fact, 16 different kinds with all sorts of themes from B like Buddhism to U like Urban. Sales of each kind of calendar support a different social project. Some of my pictures are part of the Cuba calendar which supports an education project in Haiti. Some of my pictures are also in the Urban calendar supporting funds for girls education in Bangladesh.

To have a look at some nice photography and learn more about it, click here: http://www.photocircle.net/eu/photo-calendars

German speaking folks may click here: http://www.photocircle.net/de/fotokalender-bestellen

And if you think of ordering, feel free to use the coupon OLIVER15 to save 15%.

Passing Face


Dragon Restaurant

Still posting pictures from my stay in Hong Kong last year…

Did you have a fun Halloween? I didn't have the chance to do anything in that department this year – sad emoticon. However, it was great seeing a little article about my Halloween street photography on TheWeek.com that day. If curious, you can find it here: http://theweek.com/article/index/252013/specters-and-the-city

The steep path down to town

I came across this screensaver clip someone created out of my photos and the very atmospheric music of “Bohren & Der Club Of Gore” (see below). When I watched it I felt kind of understood.
So to whoever made it: You might like this new one here.