Back from the desert.
Let’s start my Burning Man 2014 photo postings with an image of the largest piece of art. Embrace was a hollow wooden sculpture with several stories and two staircases inside. Visitors were able to climb up the stairs, pass by giant hearts and eventually make it all the way into the heads to look out of its eyes.
On Friday morning shortly after sunrise burners came together to burn it down in a giant fire. It’s gone.

Because English is not my first language, I occasionally look up words in the dictionary to get a full understanding. I noticed how the meaning of the word ‘embrace’ can be stretched in different ways. I really liked how all the meanings describe what Burning Man is all about: hug, include, welcome, accept, surround, adopt


Getting Ready for Bliss

Bliss Dance Elevated

Burning Man end of this month. I’m looking forward to all this out of this world craziness. Where all the things your brain has learned and memorized simply don’t apply.
How did I get to photograph Bliss Dance from such an elevated spot? I was circling it on a giant golden dragon. Duh! That was right before jumping off and getting lost in a dust storm. Which sucked, but on the other hand helped me to hide from a herd of unicorns that humped everyone who got in their way.

Let’s bike to the movies

A little post in between while I’m trying to finish works on my new website. I hope it’s ready to go live tonight or tomorrow.

Movie Theater

Sunrise Riders

Standing on Wall Street looking towards the temple. The promiscuous interplay between the stunning desert silence and the overwhelming bass somewhere in the distance. The sunrise riders keep passing in the far like extras in a silent movie while the main character keeps playing its curious game.

Sunrise Riders


Anybody who has ever looked at my blog for longer than a second should have noticed that I post photos in no particular order whatsoever. The whole idea behind this pulling-random-photos-out-of-the-hat thing is to keep us (you and me) entertained.

I for my part enjoy going back in time revisiting interesting moments by spending time on a picture (this one is from Burning Man last year). So what's in for you? I kind of hope it has a bit of a surprise element every time you see something new of my stuff popping up. But actually, I don't really have an idea how it's perceived on your end.


The ever-growing infrastructure of Utopia

Just a month left until Burning Man 2013. Since it’s an odd (not even) year, I won’t be there (a weird rule I made up so I won’t be broke every year). Anyway, I’ve heard lots of exciting news about this year’s art, camps and projects. Here are two of those:

The Black Rock Bijou is returning

I somehow missed it in 2010, but last year I suddenly discovered it: the Black Rock City movie theater. It was standing all by itself in the middle of nowhere. Such a fascinating piece. Not speaking of the surprise when stepping in: the theater was fully functional. After getting some candy, I watched a bit of a John Wayne flick. This year the Bijou is coming back and we have the chance to support the project. Here is the Kickstarter video. It has two of my pictures in it, which some of you might have seen on my blog before. Today I’m posting a new dusty one. Check out the video below!

The first Black Rock City Post Office

For the first time Burners will have the chance to send postcards from the Playa out to the so called “Default World”. As always, you don’t need to bring any money. Just take a postcard, write your message and your fellow post office burners will make sure your card will find its way to your loved ones outside Burning Man. How do I know about it? Well, there is only one type of card and I have the great honor to provide the image. Here is a little mock-up of what the card will look like. I wish someone would send me one ;-)


Anyone with an idea what the letters could stand for?