Tire Shop

I'm not sure what it is, but there is something soothing about such a picture. No candy colors, no information overload, still thought provoking.
Who knows, maybe in the far future when the pace of our lives, commercialization and amount of technology surrounding us has increased even more, we will start vacationing in towns that look like this. Steffi and I kind of did already. Not for long, though 😉

Desert Night Sky

This is a picture from last year that waited on my computer to get published.

Desert Plant

White Sands, New Mexico

These plants are interesting. As the dune moves and the surface gets higher, the plants grow quickly in order to stay on the surface and survive. However, as the dune moves on and the sand gets lower the plant gets too tall and unstable. It eventually collapses and dies. How sad is that?

Arizona Gas Station

December 2009.

Greetings to all who -like me- are sick in bed on 4th of July 😉


A picture from my latest and what I believe first real camping experience. A beautiful weekend with beautiful people. The only time I really remember some sort of camping is when I was maybe 11 or 12. It was in the garden behind my parents’ house together with my friend Victor. Victor lived a few houses down the street. When I woke up next morning I realized he went home while I was sleeping. What a disappointment. Couldn’t he at least pretend we are far away in the wilderness? Well, he was probably cold, and so was I last night up in the Cuyamaca State Park. This picture is dedicated to my childhood friend. R.I.P Victor.