I was a Zaungast in Copenhagen last weekend. Mostly drawn to flea markets somehow. I guess it's because you get to know something about the people when exposing themselves and their belongings on the street. And maybe also because your girlfriend finds interesting clothes there 😉 Zaungast by the way means as much as standing by the fence and watching. I hope I didn't have too much of a German stare. Does my writing sound like someone got naked on the street? That would be a misunderstanding then.

Anyway, it looks I've found a nice apartment on the northern tip of Germany now. Built in 1906 and pretty charming. So maybe at the next flea market I get involved and find something for that place. And if you wonder why I’m writing all this, I don’t know. Perhaps I don’t want to leave my Gast all alone in the quiet dark looking at a bike leaning against a Zaun.