Tiny Sightseer

Spent the weekend in beautiful Prague and brought some pictures home.


While walking around in Havana I got to know an artist who offered to show me around in the city. One place he brought me to was the place he was raised at. It was the home of a woman he called his aunt. While we were resting there from walking in the sun all morning, my camera got more and more into the center of attention of some of the kids. After a few snaps and discovering themselves on the camera display, the guys started to have a blast. Snapping, looking, snapping, looking, snapping…I had the feeling they wouldn’t stop if I wouldn’t.

Google+ anybody?

I’m wondering who of my visitors are on Google+. If you are on it, hit me up right here. The way pictures are shared and presented on there is pretty nice so I can’t resist adding them there as well.

Little Boy Hiding

When I was that little, such wheelbarrows were part of my daily life as well. During that time, my parents together with my grandpa were building our house in west-central Germany. That was 30 years ago. I’m wondering if the Havana of 2040 is going to look much different from now. Who knows, maybe it won’t change. Visiting this place then would be an even more incredible experience than it is nowadays already.