Rocky Seascape

Why do I have the feeling of stepping backwards when doing this kind of obvious processing on a picture? I always have mixed feelings about those. How do photographers handle it who do nothing else than this kind of stuff? I think there is a chance that one morning they wake up disliking all the stuff they once did.


San Diego, 2010.
This April I’ll visit San Diego the first time after leaving it at the end of 2010. So much looking forward!

Mono Lake

You can find this otherworldly place in Northern California. There is an easy explanation why it looks like this which I won't share with you. I thought it's more interesting if it remains a mystery. You know what to do if you really wanna know: you go to the public library of your town and ask for the Mono Lake book.

So this was an almost full moon night. We just got out of Burning Man and I knew it was time to calm down and relax a little, but somehow I had to go and explore this place at that perfect night. I'm not sure, but this might be one of those moments Steffi thinks I'm a little nuts. I think she hasn't even seen the result yet.

By the Sea

A picture from beautiful San Diego. I guess there is not much to add here. I’ll be in Paris next week…maybe that’s something interesting to say.

Free show tonight

Last night I dug through all kinds of older photos and picked out this picture here for my next blog post. I found this in a folder named 'February 2010'. This morning while doing some final touch-ups on it, I switched to Facebook to answer a message. On Facebook I always come across all kinds of things very randomly. This time I read the following Edward Hopper quote a friend just posted:

“Great art is the outward expression of an inner life of the artist..”

Without thinking about the quote any further I closed Facebook to finish my picture. Then I looked at my picture again and got confused. If you are a photographer, do you know why you create a certain kind of picture? Why does it make you feel good to share it with others? Ever thought about it?

10 Free iPad Wallpapers

Today is the 6th anniversary of this photo blog! Wow..time flies! If you are curious about the early days, I wrote a little about it in last year’s post.

I was wondering what I could prepare in the spirit of the celebrations, and came up with the idea of free iPads for all my readers!! Then I changed my mind and decided to give away free iPad wallpapers instead…how about that? :-)

Here they are. Optimized for the 3rd gen iPad we are looking at pictures from

– White Sands, New Mexico
– The Tall Grass Prairie, Oklahoma
– Blankenberge, Belgium
– Iceland – god knows where exactly that was..
– New York City (twice)
– Frankfurt, Germany
– And the last three are from Southern California

Going Nowhere Fast Today

Here is one advice: when going through your archives of pictures that are years old, better don’t do the mistake doing this on a Sunday night playing melancholic music. I sometimes manage to miss every place I have been to and every single person I’ve met. I debated with myself if I should write down more thoughts about that into this post and decided to spare you with the details – at least for now.

Laguna Beach

Standing on a slippery rock while it gets darker and darker is not necessarily a good idea. You probably don’t notice this while you are focusing on your pictures, but it for sure comes to your attention when you try to make your way back to the dry beach. Nothing happened to me this time, but I knew I was close to getting in trouble.
Wishing you a good start into your week – stay dry, stay safe!

Desert Night Sky

This is a picture from last year that waited on my computer to get published.