Treat earth well.

“It was not given to you by your parents. It was lent to you by your children.”
– Anonymous


Fantastic place for night owls who just moved to San Diego and don’t have internet at home. Have a look!

Birds and wannabe birds

Took this picture in a cafe that was build on a pier in San Diego. I was waiting for a grilled chicken sandwich that for some reason took forever to prepare. This didn’t really bother me as I don’t believe in rushing. Instead it gave me the chance to discover this odd window view.
When the sandwich arrived, I was bothered however. There was a big black dead fly inside the sandwich. Just as you would imagine it from a bad movie. When I saw it, I looked away for a fraction of a second like nothing happened, then looked back in shock – also like in a bad movie.
I showed it to the waitress. She also did the bad movie look, and was very puzzled, I could see that. That’s the tiny little story that goes with this picture. I left without eating and took some surf pictures down the pier. Not that I wasn’t hungry before, I just didn’t feel like eating anymore.

Now I feel like eating, so I will go out and find some breakfast. I like this term: “find breakfast” :)
Tonight I will be at the Princeton Tango Festival to take some pictures. At the moment I’m actually in some kind of picture-taking-freeze-mode, as I have many other things to do.
The picture taking is not even the problem. Picture taking leads to picture uploading. Uploading leads to reviewing. Reviewing leads to selecting. Selecting leads to editing and experimenting. And at some point you might go back to reviewing and start over. This can easily take days, depending on how much material you have and how much you want to output.

So I don’t want to spend time on this right now, but I received several lengthy and sincere emails asking me to come there and take pictures. I have to admit that I was a bit flattered, and now it feels like there is no way for me to get around this anymore. I’m actually starting to get curious how this will turn out.

Mormon Temple

Nope, I’m not collaborating with Walt Disney, the whole scene looked pretty much like this. This building is located in La Jolla, San Diego.