Taken in San Diego, California (2010)


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Dear friend,
I like how weird and wild you are and I’m not sure if you would be you without it, but I sincerely hope that one day you will overcome your addiction to guns.

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Sausalito Market

In case you’re wondering why there’s no black epson ink left in store: it’s all here in my drawer now.

Sausalito Market

Planet Mono

To me there is nothing more fascinating in the news these days than the constant discoveries of earth-like planets. It makes me scratch my had and ask myself “is this really happening?” Not speaking of the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life and the fact that the discussions about reaching out to other civilizations are getting more and more serious. One might think we are about to witness something even bigger in our lifetime.

This picture of Mono Lake I thought would go well with that thought. It actually reminds me of the computer game Another World:

I visited Mono Lake in 2012.
While digging out the picture I got a bit curious and looked up some numbers: the total number of discovered exoplanets till the summer of 2012 was about 800. Where is the counter now, only 2-3 years later? It’s at 1889.
Some researchers believe that among all the so far undiscovered exoplanets in our galaxy there might be millions of habitable ones. OMG, no?

Planet Mono

Pigeon King – nugloss

Pigeon King

If you haven’t caught me blabbering about it on Facebook yet, then this is still new to you, my dear blog visitor: some of my works are now part of the collection at nugloss. Considering their selection of artists, I must say that I’m super flattered to be part of this. If you haven’t been in a nugloss store yet: besides impressive large scale photo-works you can also find a fine collection of photography/art-books there – don’t miss it!
I got the chance to hang out with guys from the nugloss portfolio team last Friday. A warm and sunny morning, super nice people…I got a good feeling about this. I’ll keep you posted about this journey.

nugloss website

Tire Shop

I'm not sure what it is, but there is something soothing about such a picture. No candy colors, no information overload, still thought provoking.
Who knows, maybe in the far future when the pace of our lives, commercialization and amount of technology surrounding us has increased even more, we will start vacationing in towns that look like this. Steffi and I kind of did already. Not for long, though 😉