The Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe

During my last night in Berlin I passed by this very large field of concrete blocks. I remembered my friend Tom Perry talking about this memorial and showing me his picture, but I haven't been there myself before.
What confused me was that in his photo the blocks looked so tall. From what I saw however, they seemed just knee-high. I decided to enter the memorial and walk between the blocks in the dark. Without seeing too much I started noticing a slope. Shortly after the memorial swallowed me entirely. Because it goes so far down and the blocks get taller and taller, you can completely disappear in there. I wandered between the blocks for a while in the silence with no one around and was somewhat glad when I got out of it after a while.
Don't miss this impressive piece of art when you are in Berlin.


Somewhere in Berlin.

An Encounter

Walking the streets of Berlin I came across this interestingly dressed fellow.

“Hey, I like your outfit,” I said.
“Thank you sir, I just arrived here. I find yours interesting, too.”
“Would you mind me taking your photograph?”
“No, not at all, please take one,” the man said in a strange accent.
So I took a picture and out of my enthusiasm I had this idea of how to return the favor.
“If you like I can send you a print of your photo.”
The man smirked. Seeing him smirking like that I came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t believe me.
“I’m serious,” I said. “You give me your address and I’ll send you a print.”
The man looked at me smirking even more: “It’s not that I don’t believe you. In fact I know you will.”
Then he reached in his pocket and pulled out something. He showed it to me. It was a photograph. It was the exact same photograph of him standing there. It was the one I just took. It was a hundred years old.

Kreuzberg I, II

After Berlin-Friedrichshain, now pictures from Kreuzberg. Also a pic of sweaty me trying to look cool.

In just a couple of weeks I'm starting my largest trip so far. If you happen to cross way with the guy in the picture somewhere around the world, feel free to say hi – I promise he'll be nice.

Keep eyes open in or at:
– US East Coast
– US West Coast
– Burning Man
– Hawaii
– New Zealand
– Australia
– Hong Kong
– Japan

Friedrichshain I, II

Spent the weekend in Berlin.
Walking Germany's edgiest city I decided to skip the tripod and go for some dirty grain. More to come.