Bangkok Commute

Dug deep in my Thailand photo box today…
Wishing you a nice, commute-free Sunday.

Bangkok Commute


This is a very typical Bangkok street. At least that’s what most streets looked like I walked through. First thought for a title was Imprisonment. The title changed along the way while changing the look of the picture toward something more impressionistic.


Step Away Magazine
Speaking of walking urban landscapes: I have the honor to provide the cover image of the fifth issue of Step Away Magazine. It’s an online magazine with selected “literature that evokes the sensory experience of walking in specific neighborhoods, districts or zones within a city.” Maybe that’s something for you, check it out:

My little blog here was famous for 20 seconds or so thanks to Dave Wilson who introduced it to PhotoNetCast listeners in their latest episode. Dave is a photographer from Austin, Texas who seems to stop by here on a regular basis. It’s interesting how often such things are reciprocal. I have Dave on my private “interesting” list on Twitter. You can find him here.

PhotoNetCast #67 – Intro to Macro Photography from PhotoNetCast on Vimeo.

Bangkok Overwalk

I just got myself this huge massive wooden desk which kinda makes me wanna work on pictures all day. Here is a result.


Taken in Bangkok. Comes with music if you wish:

Neon Jungle

First picture from Thailand and first attempt having a Google+ post automatically showing up on my WordPress blog. Let's see how this works. I will write more about the Thailand experience later.