Coney Island Portraits

As you can probably tell by these images, I'm not in Germany anymore. My big trip (around the world) has started. There are new places I'm planning to visit, but for now I'm enjoying my old stomping grounds in New Jersey and New York. Visiting here is always quite emotional to me as I have lived here for so long and had such an amazing time. Luckily I still have friends here who always welcome me almost like a family member.

One spontaneous idea I had on a rainy morning was to photograph Coney Island in the rain. By the time I got there however, the sun was shining. Because people were not very busy, I decided to take some portraits.


  1. I rarely comment but these photos are so good I couldn’t let them pass me by in my RSS Reader without letting you know how good they are. I hope to see more of Coney Island. I imagine the place is a gold mine for portraits like these.

  2. Oh wow, thanks so much, Brian!
    Coney Island is always worth a visit. Maybe I will snap a couple more.

  3. While scrolling through my daily facebook timeline (bored and with a lot of distracting things in my mind), I almost mistook your respective post as reference to some earlier pictures, according to the title. So, that’s what I would have missed: the first pictures from your trip. If not so many of your pictures are best-of anyways, for sure these two will be part of it! So vibrant, straight, self-contained, with some subtle humor – really lucky shots – very very promising :)

  4. I realized that this was confusing after posting it. These are very fresh, yet somewhat timeless I guess.
    If my technology stays with me and cooperates, everything will be very fresh on here during the next 2 to 3 months.

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