Dunnottar Castle

I found this very impressive sight at the Scottish East Coast.
About the processing: I added a little bit of a pinhole camera effect to it. You don’t have to like it, I’m not even sure I like it myself – I can tell you in two days or so.

Here is another thing I’m not so sure about. You must have noticed that I widened the blog a little. Now images are shown 900 instead of 700 pixel wide. How about that? Is this good? If the blog appears a little too weird now, in a way that makes you think something is broken, you might have to reload the page entirely so the new stuff is not being mixed up with whatever is left in the cache of your browser. For me just hitting the reload button did the trick.


  1. I like the 900px width for the images. I’m not so sure about the pinhole effect. But that’s a gorgeous picture – very atmospheric. Scotland is a beautiful country.

  2. I like that pinhole-effect. It makes me feel kind of being absorbed by the castle. And your blog looks still fine for me… :O)

  3. I like it but could you add some sun and a blue sky perhaps? Just kidding. Can you imagine living there in it’s hay-day? Awesome location.

  4. Sorry, what’s hay-day? Back in medieval times? I totally could. I would prefer to defend this castle rather than attack it, though.

  5. Great photo. I personally like the pinhole effect in this case. Sometimes, not so much. But when the subject is an ancient castle, then it fits.

    As for the width of the site and the larger photos…I’m all for it.

  6. Makes me wonder what people where thinking back in the days for selecting building sites. They either thought "location, location, location" or "that'll keep the riff raff out". Great shot again!

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