Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is a magical place in the Scottish Highlands.
A big thank you to my friends on Facebook who turned my attention to this incredible place. I had so much fun hiking around there. Will be back for sure.


  1. Gorgeous shot – was there several years ago and fell in love with the place – definitely will go back one day. There are scenes from Stardust, a movie based off one of Neil Gaiman’s stores that were filmed there. Pretty dramatic place that can stand in for a fantasy.

  2. What fascinates me is that there are so few people at such spots. Same in Iceland. It seems like the most amazing places you can have all for yourself. Which is great of course, but strange.

  3. I believe I read that Skye had barely gotten back to the population counts it had before the Highland clearances. It is eerily absent many people, but the pace of life there was so different, too. I’m still slightly amazed by the idea of roads so absent of traffic that they are single lanes…

  4. What were the Highland clearances??
    Gordon, I was the happiest person. The exhaustion, the super strong wind, the feeling of accomplishment, the reward. I mean, this is not even a tough hike, but I’m not a hiker either. Was good enough for me :-)

  5. Oliver

    the lords sent all the trouble makers (small farmers) to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and the Carolina’s to allow the rich people to take over their lands in the 18th and 19th centuries

  6. Ziet er prachtig uit. Een bekende spot die ik graag op herhaling ook nog een keer wil vastleggen.

    Maar dit is weer een juweeltje van een foto.

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