1. Well…deserved break. This were my first thoughts 😉
    That front has a lot of details to explore and it is fully neglecting symmetries used of many of your other front pictures. This is probably because you have two fronts photographed at once. First I was puzzled: the guy certainly ain’t looking like French! Either he defected from his little gloomy sushi business to the bright side of french pastry, or he is just snooping around. Snooping his smoke with pleasure. And with pleasure I noticed there is not only one but 3 house numbers to discover (thank you, very attentive!) :)

  2. What puzzled me most was how he could stand there during the whole exposure without moving a bit.

  3. Hi Oliver,

    I’m sorry for posting unrelated comments on your blog, but I was hoping you might have an email address I could reach you on? I’d like to discuss the possible use of one of your photographs in a theatre production.

    Many thanks,

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