10 Free iPad Wallpapers

Today is the 6th anniversary of this photo blog! Wow..time flies! If you are curious about the early days, I wrote a little about it in last year’s post.

I was wondering what I could prepare in the spirit of the celebrations, and came up with the idea of free iPads for all my readers!! Then I changed my mind and decided to give away free iPad wallpapers instead…how about that? :-)

Here they are. Optimized for the 3rd gen iPad we are looking at pictures from

- White Sands, New Mexico
- The Tall Grass Prairie, Oklahoma
- Blankenberge, Belgium
- Iceland – god knows where exactly that was..
- New York City (twice)
- Frankfurt, Germany
- And the last three are from Southern California


  1. Congratulations Oliver!
    Hard to believe that you blog for over 6 years now. I hope there are many years and pictures to come!


    PS: iPads would have been nice though :o)

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