“Photographers for Japan” Fundraiser

Steffi approached me with an idea today. She had an idea how we as photographers can do our part in raising money for the victims of the catastrophic events taking place in Japan right now. I know that several hundred people are visiting my blog every day, and I’m pretty sure that all of my visitors are aware of what is going on. Half a million people are without homes due to the tsunami and the possible thread of radioactive contamination.

This week I would like to take all money I receive through print sales and donate it to the Red Cross “Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami”.

How to donate

You automatically participate by purchasing any kind of print of any image you find in my store. If you don’t feel like purchasing a larger print, you can also buy a postcard for only $2.79. After your purchase, I will send you an email to let you know about the amount I received through your purchase. It would also be nice if I could mention you on here in a list of people that will hopefully grow over the week. If you feel like donating, but you are not interested in buying a picture, you can find the Red Cross directly via this link.

Looking for photographers to participate

If you are a photographer selling pictures it would be nice if you would join us in some way. You could send me a link to your website so I can mention you here as well.

Other donating photographers:

Stefanie Höpner
Veronica Sparrow
D. Travis North
Dave Wilson
Scott Wyden
Michael Criswell
Scott Frederick
Ehsan Abbasi
Michael Connell
Philip Cohen
Silvia Ganora


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  2. Great idea. I was thinking of something similar so count me in. I’ll donate all profits from any print or merchandise sale via FotoMoto, ImageKind or SmugMug from now until the end of March.

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  4. Good idea. I want to join you! I also deducted the FotoMoto prices as much as I could. This discount will be available until the end of March.

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  12. Adding Burning Man images to the store is on my TODO list. If you are interested in ordering, I will push it to the top of the list if you like.
    Thanks for your support!!

  13. Great Idea. I wanna join in.

    If some one buys a print – where do I send the money?
    Can I just donate it to Red Cross here in Denmark?


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  16. Hi! I just stumbled in your blog and read about this beautiful initiative and would like to join.

    I’m an Italian amateur photographer and I’m selling prints on Redbubble.com. I’m donating 50% of my proceeds from the following collection to the Italian Red Cross:
    In this collection you will find also greeting cards, t-shirts and calendars.

    I really hope to be able to sell something to help. Wishing all the participating photographers tons of sales! Will make a post on my blog on this. Thanks!


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  18. I’m in! I’m a Canadian photographer and I’ll donate 100% of profits on sales from anything on this site until the April 14th deadline. Customer pays shipping.


    Found your site on the HDRsoft.com gallery.

    Please email me the details on this and if you’ve added a link to my site. Thanks!

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