Two days ago I finished a 90-page print-on-demand book with two images per page. I will use this book as a catalog that I can hand out to potential buyers or exhibitors. Giving all your best work in one piece that is easy to browse is surely better than a website link. Preparing this was a lot of work for me as all my good images were spread out in all sorts of folders on my computer. My files are organized by year, then by month and then by location. So most of the time I spent searching for the good stuff and doing final adjustments on the full-resolution images. Finally it’s all done and I’m awaiting this book to arrive next week. There is just one downside to this: as soon as I finish editing a new image, the printed catalog is not up to date anymore. Like now.

A house entrance in Old Havana. You can find this image in my store.

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