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This is a blogger feature I was waiting for since a while. It is now possible to export a whole blog to an XML file, download it to a local hard drive and import it to other blogs. This can be another of your blogs or even (if I got this right) another blog-provider.
Fact is, I actually had some older posts on other blogs that I created for a reason that I don’t understand anymore. If you have several blogs on your blogger dashboard and want to merge them, this is what you have to do:
Currently you have to log in to There you will find links for export and import on the “Settings | Basic” tab of each blog. It’s that easy.
First I was afraid it would also export template information and mess up things, but there was no problem.
As a result, in the archive on the bottom of this page are now 137 additional old posts listed. Starting from the very first post in May 2006. It also imported all the old comments from these times which count 332, so my blog is basically complete now.
And to make Snirgel happy, I also added links to the post feed and comment feed, maybe you wish to subscribe, too.


  1. Great. Thank u very much oliver. you’re right: i am happy now and have no other wishes concerning your blog.

    I forgot it yesterday: Wish a happy birthday to you and a wonderful next year…

    ps: ich war sicher, ich muss nur lang genug nerven :)…danke…

  2. I wish I could do this with my self-hosted wordpress. So far, there is always a limit on what is exported and I’m not sure what needs to be set to fix that…

  3. I wish I could give you a quick hint Dave, but I’m just a blogger user with no idea about what’s beyond that.

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